About Us

ABC Capital Corp. is a Swiss finance company active in Asset Management. We follow the highest professional standards:

  • We furnish solutions, simple or complex for all your needs and objectives.
  • You have the choice among several banking institutions in order to "use" the "best" of the field according to your needs.
  • Our unique goal is to find the best product for you, eliminating all conflict of interest.
  • The partners of ABC Capital Corp., are experienced asset managers with more than 50 years combined in financial markets and their goal is to achieve superior returns for you.
  • Despite restructuring phases in the banking industry, the continuity is guaranteed
  • Confidentiality is a highly valued asset.

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In order to understand how a collaboration can benefit you, please read the following section. It contains an exposé of the flaws of the traditional system, where many conflicts of interests are diminishing the real return.

ABC Capital Corp. is a private company with international links. We can be consulted for independent advice and objective analysis of your investments. Contact us!

Since our foundation in 1996, we had insisted on the need to get an independent advice without all conflicts of interest which tend to be the case inside big banking or brokerage institutions. After 2008, all investors have understood the meaning of that.

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